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Transport Facility

The college has a fleet of 35 buses which are made available to the students, faculty members and staff members for commuting from various points in the Ramanathapuram town and also from Paramaudi, Manamadurai, Ilayangudi, Mudhukulathur, Rameswaram, Kilakarai, Thondi, R.S Mangalam and other adjacent areas. The availability of adequate buses enabled us to conduct the classes in time and maintaining discipline among the students. The buses are manned by experienced drivers having adequate training in following safety practices in driving.

Every day, during evening hours, transport facilities are also made available to the students who are attending special coaching classes, using sports facilities, using library and internet. The buses will leave the college campus at 5.50 P.M.

An in-house workshop is available in the college campus for the maintenance of the buses.

Regular medical and eye camp will be conducted for drivers to assess their fitness level. In addition to this, special training training/awareness programmes are organized for drivers and transport staff for practicing safe driving as well as on fire safety and rescue operations by the officials of District Road Transport Office.

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