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Strategy Development and Deployment

In order to enrich the quality of the programs, each department schedules their own plan.Generally after getting approval for the plans, the department works in accordance with scheduled plan for achieving the goal.
The Institution has plans for the development of Strategic/perspective plan for the period from 2021-2026.

Plan No Strategic Plan Deployment
1. To get NAAC accreditation and to become an Autonomous Institution Separate Committee has been framed Under the head of Dr.S.Selvaperumal (HOD/EEE) for applying NAAC. It is his duty to conduct periodical review meetings in order to monitor the progress of NAAC certification work. NAAC certification work is the initial step to be done by our college in order to obtain autonomous status.
2. To enhance the Employable skills of the students along with encouraging the Co-curricular /extracurricular activities. Separate classes for aptitude, Technical knowledge and sports were conducted during the college hours.
3. To motivate faculty members to upgrade the Teaching – Learning process. Faculty members are encouraged to attend FDP’s, Seminars, workshops and to apply for NPTEL Courses(Separate Committee has been framed).
4. To get more funds from various funding agencies like ICMR, DRDO, DST, CSIR and AICTE toorganize Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/FDP etc. Every year, In order to organize Conferences/Seminars/Workshops/ FDP, the faculty members are applying to various funding agencies
5. To encourage more faculty members to publish papers in reputed International/National Journals withgood impact factor. In order to motivate the faculty members for publishing papers in reputed journals, separate mark has been provided in the Self appraisal form.
6. To motivate all the Faculty members to register Ph.D. Faculty members are encouraged to register for Ph.D.
7. To produce maximum number of university rank holders in each programme Motivation will be given to studious students from the first semester onwards through counselling and personal care.
8. To establish more number of smart class rooms and Video Theatres. Smart class rooms are available in few numbers. Steps have been taken to increase the number of smart class rooms and video theatres
9. To provide more Value added certification courses in addition to the existing courses and providecoaching for competitive exams. Steps are taken to bring value added courses in future
10. To offer more consultancy & Testing services Civil Engineering department is doing consultancy and testing services for government and private companies. In future it will be implemented in other departments also.
11. To get more number of patents Some departments of our college have got patents, but still steps are being taken for getting patent rights by other departments too.
12. To increase the number of students in placement Placement cell is taking necessary steps to bring more industries for campus placements.