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Ramanujam Morgans Math Club

Morgans Math Club was inaugurated by the famous Engineering Mathematics Book writer Professor T.Veerarajan in the presence of our beloved Correspondent Dr.Chinnadurai Abdullah and the then Principal Dr.N. Mohamed Sheriff on 11th August 2007 with fifty student members and 9 Faculty members with the motto "WE EVEREST NOT EVER REST". Morgan’s Math Club is renamed as Ramanujan-Morgan Math Club(RMMC) in the year 2012 during Sri Ramanujan 125th birth anniversary on 22nd December . Now RMMC conducts the Mathematical events in the evenings for all participants with the help of the member organizers having 5 teams named after the great Mathematicians as follows :Fourier Series, Laurent Series, Maclaurin Series, Taylor Series and Cauchy Series.

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