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ROC Number Title of Work Diary No Applicant Name Author Name
L-91964/2020 Power Electronics Laboratory Manual 2095/2020-CO/L Dr.S.Selvaperumal Dr.S.Selvaperumal,
P. NedumalPugazhenthi,
Dr.C.Christober Asir Rajan,
Dr. S.Muralidharan
L-93352/2020 Control Systems Laboratory Manual 7962/2020-CO/L Dr.S.Selvaperumal Dr.S.Selvaperumal,
L-94406/2020 Simulation of Power Electronics Circuits Using PSPICE 8292/2020-CO/L Dr.S.Selvaperumal Dr.R.Nagarajan,
Prof.P.Gnanaskanda Parthiban,
Prof.T.Arun Prasath,
L-99713/2021 Electrical Machines - I Laboratory Manual 19110/2020- CO/L Dr.S.Selvaperumal Dr. S. Selvaperumal
Dr. S. Muthulakshmi
Dr. S. Aiswariya
Dr. M. Senthil Kumar