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About Intellectual Property Rights Cell
Objectives :
  1. To work as a bridge between Patent office and SAEC.
  2. To advise and guide the students and faculty about the importance of patents and copyrights.
  3. To arrange periodic meetings of faculty members along with experts for identifying patentable contributions.
  4. To encourage faculty members to carryout patent research and fine-tune their research to make it patentable.
  5. To forward eligible cases for IP protection to Patent office.
Expected Outcome and benefits of the students/Institute :
The IPR cell is expected –
  1. The IPR cell can organize IP clinic in which student can be asked to express some innovative ideas and the IPR cell can provide proper guidance on the scope of developing that to an idea to an innovative product. As an outcome of these IP clinics, lot of innovative ideas are expected to come out and among them, some of these ideas may result in to patentable invention.
  2. The IPR cell can organize innovation workshops in which some of the existing technical problem may be raised and the students can be asked to come up with solutions.
  3. The IPR cell can organize Lectures periodically on the various issues of IPR for which the technical support will be provided by CIPR-Anna University, by way of providing the service of experts in the field of IPR for delivering the lectures.
  4. The IPR cell can conduct some quiz programs exclusively on IPR and the winner may be given certificates and prizes and it will encourage the students to study more about IPR
  5. The IPR cell can also forward the eligible cases for IP protection to Patent office.
Patent facilitation Form :

Another important activity of IPR cell is to promote patent filing. For this purpose we are forwarding the PATENT FACILTATION FORM to Experts and after receiving the initial search report, IPR cell may recommend for the next step of patent filing to the Patent office Chennai.

Total number of Patent facilitation form recommended to Experts till date is 18 Numbers.
Total number of Patent filed is 17 Numbers.

Vision of the club :
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for Students at SAEC

In the education, service, training and research that Syed Ammal Engineering College (SAEC) provides in the field of design, the creative, innovative, and original work that is created constitutes the intellectual property of design, whether it is a physical product, a visual image, or a piece of text.

To provide the security and beginner’s privilege to the institute and the creator to develop such ideas commercially and to further sustain, enhance, stimulate such creative output, the institute wishes to obtain Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for all work happening at the institute.

In certain cases, the institute might feel that the nature or purpose of the work requires free dissemination of knowledge of the work and freedom for others to take it further.